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GPS Aids Android App Fixes Samsung Galaxy GPS

GPS Aids Android App Fixes Samsung Galaxy GPS

If you own a Samsung Galaxy device and are annoyed by its non-functional GPS (like I am), then you’ll be excited to hear about the GPS Aids Android app. This app was designed and developed specifically to address problems with the Samsung Galaxy GPS.

  • Version: 2.5.057
  • Size: 0.92MB (no apps2SD)
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free (~$2.50 Donate version)

If you’re like me, you’ve tried almost everything to get the GPS to work on your Samsung Galaxy device, including making adjustments in LBS Test Mode and running Samsung’s own GPS Restore app, all to no avail.

The GPS Aids app features multiple tools to correct and manage GPS functionality. You’ll be able to inject an updated XTRA image file which contains important GPS aiding data like detailed satellite positioning in the sky. As explained by the developer, many times when using GPS without WiFi, issues can crop up with XTRA injection. The LTO (Long-Term Orbit) file, which contains lightweight GPS satellite positioning, can also be easily reset. Plus, you can update the NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers which sync the device clock with the precise time, enabling increased GPS accuracy. In order to avoid latency, it’s best to choose a server in close geographic proximity.

Once I had reset the XTRA file, injected time from NTP, and downloaded/reset the LTO, my GPS was able to lock on to my position in less than 10 seconds (tested multiple times). Once locked, the GPS continued to update my position, even allowing me to use and trust Google Maps Navigation for the first time ever on my Samsung Galaxy phone.

Note: there are native and forced parts to this Android app, meaning that you should start with the native functionality to see whether that fixes your GPS problems. If not, the forced options can be used but require that the app has root access to your device.


  • Samsung Galaxy GPS fixed!
  • Multiple tools to correct and manage GPS functionality
  • App is easy to use even though the content is advanced

Areas for improvement:

  • GPS setup briefing info could use more in-depth details/explanation

Conclusion: Fix your Samsung Galaxy GPS functionality using the relatively foolproof GPS Aids Android app. Consider purchasing the donate version of this app to unlock additional tools and to support the developer that accomplished what Samsung couldn’t.

[AppBrain Link]

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