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Top Android App: SemiSilent

Top Android App: SemiSilent

SemiSilent lets you select which of your contacts can get a hold of you even when your phone is silenced.

  • Version: 1.05
  • Size: 180KB (no apps2SD)
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free

SemiSilent bridges the gap between the seemingly exclusive states that your Android phone’s ringer can be in, silenced or not. When your phone is silenced you risk becoming unreachable by anyone or during any situation, including emergencies. However, when your phone’s ringer is enabled you risk being interrupted by anyone for any reason. Now, with this Android app you don’t have to worry because your phone can be in both states at the same time.

This app opens to a complete list of your contacts. Simply select the people for whom you’d like to be available to at all times. Whether or not your phone is in silent mode it will ring for these individuals. For most of us, we’ll select our closest family members including spouses and kids, just to have that peace of mind that you’ll never miss one of their calls.


  • Select contacts who should be able to reach you even when your phone is silenced
  • Option to toggle SemiSilent’s functionality on/off
  • Setup and implementation are extremely easy

Areas for improvement:

  • Extend functionality to SMS

Conclusion: Designate contacts who can reach you even when your Android phone is silenced and never have to worry about missing another important call.

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  1. I had this app on my evo shift and it was one of my all time favorite apps. It worked perfectly. I recently upgraded to SG4 and when I downloaded semisilent, I noticed it no longer worked. I did a search for it in the android market and all that was listed when I searched for “semisilent” was something called “my VIP calls” I could only find semisilent if I looked under my installed apps. I sent a review in telling them it wasn’t working and well, it still has not been fixed. I’m thinking maybe it no longer exists? BTW “My VIP CALLS” is horrible, it doesn’t work either.

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