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Challenge Your Geography Skills w/ MapMaster

Challenge Your Geography Skills w/ MapMaster

MapMaster is an educational game where it’s your mission to pinpoint geographic locations.

  • Version: 3.4
  • Size: 5.46MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games, Travel
  • Price: ~$1.79 (Free version available)

MapMaster offers 7 different challenges (with easy, medium, and hard difficulties) including European, Asian, U.S., South American, African, and Oceanian capitals, as well as 40 U.S. cities and famous places. All maps are offline and require no loading.

Each challenge gives you 25 seconds (or less) to place the pin. You’re awarded points based on how close you get to each location. Double-tap to zoom in for increased accuracy, up to four times. The level is complete when you have finished all of the targets without losing all of your pins (you lose a pin by placing it further away from the location than the specified limit).

A great feature to this app is that the pin is fixed on the screen while you scroll the map behind it. This avoids the frustrating problem that plagues apps that require precision tapping on the touchscreen. Now you can easily place the pin exactly where you intended.


  • 7 different challenges with 3 levels of difficulty
  • Scrolling map increases pinpoint accuracy
  • Wikipedia integration provides quick link to location information
  • Ability to setup custom games, including multi-player

Areas for improvement:

  • Breakup challenges into more manageable stages of 10 or 20 pins (instead of all of them at once)

Conclusion: A fun and interesting way to learn geography and become more worldly!

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  1. I recommend GEOGRAPHY PLUS:

    Learn the capitals, flags, currencies and diverse information from about all the countries of the world.

    2 game modes: Play and Learn.
    ★ Play: Get points by correctly answering questions about capitals, flags and other data from different countries. You have 4 lives, and once the game is over you can send your record results to Geography Plus page ->
    ★ Learn: You can select what kind of questions about geography you want, and even choose to be asked only about a certain continent (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America).

    3 different levels: easy, medium and hard.
    With GEOGRAPHY PLUS you will become an expert in geography.

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