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Tether Devices to Mobile Connection w/ PdaNet Android App

Tether Devices to Mobile Connection w/ PdaNet Android App

PdaNet lets you connect devices to the internet via your Android phone’s mobile connection.

  • Version: 2.45
  • Size: 109KB (no Apps2SD)
  • Category: Communication
  • Price: Free

PdaNet provides an extremely easy way to tether devices without complicated steps or the need to root your Android phone. It offers two different methods for tethering, either through USB or Bluetooth.

For Bluetooth connectivity, click “Enable Bluetooth DUN” from within the PdaNet app. This will make your Android phone discoverable by other Bluetooth-ready devices. Using Bluetooth allows you to avoid the need to install PdaNet on your computer.

If you prefer to tether through your USB cable, you’ll need to download the installer to your Mac or Windows computer. After following the installation instructions you’ll be ready to go. First, click “Enable USB Tether” on your Android phone. Second, connect your Android phone via the USB cable. Third, right-click the PdaNet icon from the taskbar tray on your computer and “Connect.”

The free version does not allow access to secure websites (sites that require a login, e.g. https://). For this functionality, you will need to register and pay for the full edition, which is priced at $14.99.

Remember, tethering uses your Android phone’s mobile connection just as it would on your phone itself. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, make sure to monitor your usage.


  • Easily tether devices to your Android phone via USB and/or Bluetooth
  • Supports gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Includes SMS Agent application which lets you send/receive texts from your connected computer

Areas for improvement:

  • Occasionally loses connection with USB tether, have to unplug and reconnect

Conclusion: The easiest way to connect other devices to the internet via your Android phone’s mobile connection.

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  1. I like EasyTether since it actually works with Windows, OS X and Linux. I think it’s cheaper too.

  2. PdaNet may be great if you can get it to install properly, but I have tried downloading it to an HTC Hero and a Mac with no luck. Thoroughly researched and followed all instructions and FAQs/Q&As to no avail. The software downloads to both the phone and computer but the computer will not recognize the connection. Then tried it with a Windows computer. There appear to be driver conflicts. Have tried developer’s support web site but after two weeks they are mysteriously silent.

  3. it doesnt work i click inside the PDANET enable usb tether and it keeps saying failed,ive checked everything is fine might be my xxjp8 version of froyo ?? i can trasnfer files via usb cable from/to pc.


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