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ESRB Video Game Rating Android App

ESRB Video Game Rating Android App

ESRB Rating Search Android app gives you detailed access to video game ratings.

  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 381KB
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Price: Free

Are you a parent with kids who enjoy a variety of video games? Are you looking to find a suitable game that fits their age/interests? Luckily, this Android app lets you read up on video game rating summaries which provide detailed descriptions of a game’s content. The detailed summaries are a great decision-making tool, especially since general ratings (e.g. Everyone, Teen, Mature etc.) don’t always seem to apply. ESRB supports all of the large gaming platforms including Nintendo, PlayStation, Windows PC, and Xbox.

You can instantly receive video game ratings in two ways, with a photo of the game (convenient when in a store) or by entering the title in the search field.

Each game has an official rating (EC, E, E10+, T, M, AO), brief reasoning, and the rating summary. Note: rating summaries are provided only for games that were assigned ratings after July 1, 2008 and are specific to the game itself. You can easily share these ratings via Gmail, SMS, or Twitter if you’d like to get a second opinion (like from your significant other of course!).


  • Detailed ESRB video game ratings
  • Make informed decisions based on game content appropriateness
  • Search by text or photo
  • Descriptive “About” section describes the ESRB and its ratings

Areas for improvement:

  • User-interface could use some beautification
  • Video game screenshots would add another medium for determining suitability
  • Ability to browse game titles by ratings and summary keywords would help with finding the right game

Conclusion: An extremely useful app for anyone (especially parents) who are shopping for an age/content appropriate video game.

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