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Top Android App: Deluxe Moon

Top Android App: Deluxe Moon

Deluxe Moon beautifully displays the moon phases and zodiac circles, giving you a glimpse into both astronomy and astrology.

  • Version: 1.32
  • Size: 4.66MB
  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Price: $5.77 (Free Trial)

Deluxe Moon lets you view the various moon phases based on a specific calendar date. Drag your finger on the moon to advance/backup the calendar. The default homescreen for this app includes information like the date, day of the week, location, moon phase, moonrise, moonset, moon age, astrological sign, and more!

If you click on the current moon percentage (e.g. 9.6% illuminated in the screenshot above), you can access the month long calendar of moon phases and zodiac signs. Tap on the astrological sign next to the moon (e.g. Sagittarius) to open the sidereal, tropical, and astronomical zodiac chart (check out the “?” button inside the app for more information on these astrological definitions). Lastly, if you want very detailed information about the moon’s current and future positions, click on any of the remaining information on the screen (e.g. Moonrise or Age). This will let you see real-time data about the moon age, distance, ecliptic plane latitude/longitude, and moon azimuth.


  • Extremely sophisticated UI and graphics
  • Extensive astrology/zodiac sign details and information
  • Multiple homescreen widgets
  • Great resource for astronomers and astrologers alike

Areas for improvement:

  • Price is rather steep (would suggest ~$2-3 for the current features)

Conclusion: For anyone interested in astronomy or astrology, this Deluxe Moon app is for you!

Full:                               Trial:

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  1. You could also check out a video clip that shows how Deluxe Moon works:

    or have a look at Deluxe Moon website:

  2. Love it! Graphics is awesome and just simply beautiful.

  3. “It looks very cool gives you great info”

  4. I think it improved quite a bit since the first versions. The price is not very low, but the app is worth every cent if you look at similar moon apps…

  5. Looks brilliant. I’m not have time to watch the moon, but I like this graphic and already install lite version.
    What is difference with full version??
    The widget feachure is “must have”

  6. The full version has a moon calendar, zodiac calendar, moon azimuth\parameters, future moon phase date\time and tropical\sidereal\astronomial zodiac circles. The lite version has only the main screen, the other screens are just demo.

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