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Mougg: Upload Music to the Cloud, Listen Anywhere

Mougg: Upload Music to the Cloud, Listen Anywhere

Mougg allows you to access your entire music library from anywhere in the world, on any internet-ready device!

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Size: 255KB
  • Category: Multimedia
  • Price: Free

Mougg is a cloud-based solution to your music, with easy listening via its Android app. To get started, signup at with your email address and password (no additional information is required). Then, upload the Mp3 and M4a music files that you want, up to the 1GB maximum (expecting expanded sizes soon). From there you have two options for listening to your music; either the web-based media-player, or the Android app. We’ll focus on the Android app for now, but we’ll mention that the web-based interface is quite elegant and a breeze to use.

The Android app depends on the music you upload and organize in the web-based media player. Currently, there isn’t an option to create playlists, upload music, or edit your collection from the app itself. However, this does mean you can listen to your music without having to sync up your entire library, which can introduce it’s own issues, e.g. lag. Overall, the app is a great solution when paired up with the web-based media player.


  • Cloud-based solution to your music library
  • Accessible with Android app or any internet-enabled device
  • Free up space on your phone’s SD card

Areas for improvement:

  • Ability to create account via Android app
  • Edit playlists, music, etc. within the app itself
  • Option for larger storage sizes

Conclusion: An efficient way to access your music independent of browser, computer, or operating system. Plus, easy access from your Android phone!

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  1. Try mSpot… they are way ahead of this app.

  2. Mougg is great !! thanks for the tip.. i have really enjoyed using it .


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