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Top Android App: GPS Test

Top Android App: GPS Test

GPS Test displays information obtained from your Android device’s GPS receiver.

  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Size: 154KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

This app offers multiple ways to view your GPS signal data.

Satellite Signal View

  • Current state of the GPS (on/off)
  • Accuracy of the GPS reading
  • Specific signal/noise ratios (SNR) for each satellite, displayed in bar graph format
  • The higher the SNR the better (anything >40 (colored green) is very good)

Satellite Position View

  • Overhead sky view
  • Satellite positions with SNR colored rankings
  • View rotates based on internal compass heading

Location View

  • Displays your position on Earth by a red dot
  • Position of the sun and the day/night lines
  • Exact GPS coordinates shown

Speed View

  • Displays your current speed, altitude, and heading.

Time View

  • Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  • Local time and date
  • Current location sunrise and sunset times


  • View and evaluate the accuracy of your GPS reading
  • Quantitative satellite analysis
  • All-in-one GPS tool

Areas for improvement:

  • None

Conclusion: An essential GPS Android app validation tool!

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  1. Wow, my gps must be really terrible, because I’m not getting any readings at all. It usually finds my position pretty accurately when I’m out driving, so maybe I’m doing something wrong. It shows that my GPS is on, but I’m still not getting any data feedback. Can someone tell me what they think is going on? Thanks.

    • @Phil Silly first troubleshooting question, but do you have a clear view of the sky? If so, what phone are you using?

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