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Top Android Game: Alchemy

Top Android Game: Alchemy

Alchemy is a brain-teasing game that challenges you to create 300 different elements.

  • Version: 1.8
  • Size: 2.34MB
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

You will begin with only four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. By combining these four and their subsequent products, it’s your goal to create all 300 possible elements. In order to make combinations, drag and drop elements on top of one another. If the combination is correct, a new element will be created automatically.

If you’d like information on a particular element (i.e. what previous combinations you’ve used it in) drag the element to the question mark symbol. To delete an element from your workspace, drag it to the trash. Clicking the plus button will bring up the entire list of elements you have already created. Select elements here that you want added to your workspace. If you long-press an element, you can select multiple elements to add all at once. Or, double-tap an element on your workspace to create a duplicate.

If you want the ad-free version, you’ll have to purchase the Ad Removal Key ($2.95). For help and hints, comment below!

The real fun is in the fact that the element combinations make sense, e.g. Sand + Pressure = Glass. If you choose not to just randomly try all combinations, the game becomes like a riddle or puzzle, where you have to really think critically.


  • Fun visual graphics for each element
  • 300 different elements in total
  • Simple but addicting

Areas for improvement:

  • There’s always room for even more elements!

Conclusion: Forget the Periodic Table, hone your inner alchemist and try to create all 300 elements.

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  1. Thanks for your review!

  2. This is so addictive. Some of the items work out to be puns or jokes, and I would like to protest that ice+ice does not = baby :-P

    • @Amy That’s what I love about this game, the great puns/jokes! Ice + ice = baby is classic :)

  3. i was quite disapointed when i read that this works and it did not

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