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Top Android App: Cleaner (Show Wallpaper)

Top Android App: Cleaner (Show Wallpaper)

Cleaner (Show Wallpaper) hides all of your homescreen’s apps and widgets with one click!

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 37.6KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

Cleaner allows you to enjoy your wallpaper (and live wallpapers) without all of your icons getting in the way. This app has a widget which enables you to “clean” your homescreen with one finger tap. If you wish to return to your normal homescreen, just tap the bottom right corner of your screen or press the back/home buttons.


  • App/widget activated with one tap
  • Uninhibited viewing of your homescreen

Areas for improvement:

  • Live wallpaper touch features do not work

Conclusion: Simple, useful, awesome!

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  1. Is there an app that does the OPPOSITE of what this one does? I mean one that makes the wallpaper disappear so that you can actually see the icons clearly. On my wife’s Samsung Intercept no matter what built-in wallpaper is used, it’s sometimes hard to see the icons against all the background clutter.

    • @mcrouse That’s a good question. Seems like it wouldn’t be too difficult if this type of Cleaner app is possible.

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