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Talking Tom Cat Will Entertain and Annoy!

Talking Tom Cat Will Entertain and Annoy!

Talking Tom is your pet cat (from what looks like a shady neighborhood) that responds to your touch and most importantly, repeats everything you say in a very funny voice. Go on, pet him, poke him, pull his tail, or even punch him (but we won’t be liable when PETA shows up at your door!).

You can even record videos of Tom and the things he says and post them directly to YouTube or Facebook from within the app. Click the camera button to begin recording (it will turn red).

Now don’t be shy, download Talking Tom and entertain and annoy your friends and family! You have our permission.

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  1. Android Market dosenĀ“t know talking tom.. How do I get it?

  2. Am running 1.6 on x10 mini – maybe that is the problem.
    Have no acess to pay apps.

  3. That is too funny! Users will love interactive apps like this. Especially for younger crowds (55% of Android users are under the age of 34) or users with children-they’ll love the funny voices! Great looking blog btw! The Android app market is growing so fast. One app has already exceeded 2 million downloads. Keep posting great articles.

    9blogger @

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