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MicDroid for Android: Auto-tune and Record!

MicDroid for Android: Auto-tune and Record!

Do you have dreams of being the next Britney or T-Pain? Well neither do I, but the new app MicDroid lets you auto-tune even the most unpleasant voices. Download and hilarity will ensue.

  • Version: 0.19
  • Size: 81.64KB
  • Category: Multimedia
  • Price: Free

First off a disclaimer, this app is currently in its alpha release form, so if you run into any issues report them to the developer!

The app is a very simple one currently without many bells and whistles (at the moment). However, it performs very well already!

Here’s how to use it:

  • Click the “Power Button” to begin recording your voice.
  • Click the button again to stop recording. This will automatically bring up the save recording screen.
  • Hit Menu > Recording Library to view all saved recordings that have been auto-tuned.

Also, you can play around with the auto-tune settings (found in the menu). For first-time and general use, the default settings actually work great. However, if you want to customize it even further, you can change the sample rate, key to tune to, pitch, correction strength, correction smoothness, etc. all to get different auto-tune sounds for your voice.


  • Simple, easy to use.
  • Saves each recording you make.
  • Auto-tune preferences are customizable.
  • Produce entertaining, hilarious sound bytes.

Areas for improvement:

  • Not every recording needs to be saved, so the constant popup after finishing a recording may be unnecessary.
  • The UI could definitely use some work.
  • A continuous auto-tuned output would be very useful.

Conclusion: Definitely an entertaining app that you will surely enjoy. If it can make my voice sound good, you know it works!

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