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Top Android Widget: Fancy Widget

Top Android Widget: Fancy Widget

Fancy Widget adds a beautiful look and feel to your homescreen, while providing you with the time, date, current weather, and forecast!

  • Version: 1.2.1
  • Size: 1.24MB
  • Category: News & Weather
  • Price: Free

First off a quick note: Make sure to exclude Fancy Widget from your Task Manager kill list, otherwise the widget will no longer update.

List of features:

  • Clock with 12 or 24-hour formats
  • Current weather/temperature (based on geolocation)
  • Weather forecast
  • Configurable refresh interval and links to apps from clicking the widget
  • Landscape mode support

In order to change the settings, open the app from the apps list (not the usual method for widgets). One of the best functions of this widget is that you can choose what apps you would like to open by clicking on the clock, date, and weather. For example, I have the clock linked to the Alarm Clock for quick access. I also linked the date to my Calendar to quickly see my list of meetings/appointments for the day. Lastly, clicking the current weather icon will bring up the forecast for the next four days. Now this is all available from my homescreen!


  • Completely configurable, i.e. linking to other apps directly from clicking the widget
  • Elegant UI that complements your homescreen/wallpaper
  • Time, date, current weather, and forecast all in one place

Areas for improvement:

  • Takes up a 4×2 chunk of your homescreen
  • May slow loading of the homescreen on older phones

Conclusion: A beautiful widget that encompasses multiple functions all-in-one. A definite complement to your homescreen!

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  1. I tried to find this on the market search and it wont come up. How can I get this???

    • I believe it has been taken down due to a complaint from HTC, but the developers of Fancy Widget say they will have it back up with their own UI (instead of the Sense UI),

  2. Where can I get that wallpaper from please??


    • Unfortunately this widget has been taken down due to legal issues with HTC Sense but will hopefully return soon after some updating

  3. I just scanned the bar code above and it link me to the market download page!! =)

  4. Back on market. Looks like the real deal. Needs the same animations or something comparable to the htc sense ones however (maybe like what beautiful widgets does…?). Also, there’s a bit of a outline around the numbers. Not very noticeable but weird nonetheless/

  5. Its not working anymore!!!!! SOMEONE HELP!

    Is there an APK anywhere?

  6. The widget is on it’s an alternative market you can get fancy

  7. Thaaaaaaaaaank

  8. Cinemadroid widget (free trial available)
    I woud recommend cinemadroid widget.

    When used with Cinemadroid, it allows you to display local movies showtimes in all theaters nearby. It will update in real time. It’s nice and easy to use.

  9. How do you see your list on the app? I want to see it on my phone so I can just review my list.

  10. The widget works necily, but it’s basically useless as tapping any tweet will just take you to, same as the Facebook widget just takes you to I save me the time digging for a link/like button, whatever by just going to the websites themselves


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