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Top Android App: mp3tunes

Top Android App: mp3tunes

Leave your iThing at home and begin your switch over to the cloud with mp3tunes and their online digital locker.

  • Version: 3.0.12
  • Size:  407 KB
  • Category: Multimedia
  • Price: Free

After installing the app, head over to and sign up for your free account.  They offer 2GB of storage for free and you can apply for a free upgrade to a 10GB account.  I received my invite to upgrade a couple weeks after applying.

Sync your music on your computer, including iTunes playlists, to your digital locker and you can stream them on your Android phone as well as many other internet connected devices.  You can also download your files directly to your phone for local playback.

The file formats which are currently supported by the MP3tunes Locker:


  • Mp3
  • Mp4
  • M4a
  • aac
  • wma
  • ogg


  • flv
  • mp4
  • m4a

Please note:

  • Does not playback videos on phone, only audio from them
  • Does not support lossless formats
  • Does not support files encrypted with digital rights management (DRM)
  • You will not be able to upload or listen to ALAC, FLAC, lossless WMA, M4P or WAV files using the MP3tunes Locker.


  • Free–up to 10GB
  • You can download and save your music locally on your phone
  • Internet radio stations
  • Shuffle all
  • Set stream rate and local cache file size

Areas for improvement:

  • Widget
  • Album separation within artist view
  • Podcast catcher/downloader
  • scrobbling


If you’re looking for a way to take your music with you without taking up space on your  phone or SD card then give mp3tunes a try. If 10GB isn’t enough for you, you can upgrade to a 50GB locker for $39.95/year or $4.95/month.  Make sure you have an unlimited data plan or connect to WiFi before using because streaming media can use up a lot of data.

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