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Top Android App: WiFi Analyzer

Top Android App: WiFi Analyzer

Turn your Android phone into a WiFi Analyzer. This app is a great tool for anyone in IT or who is looking for the best internet connection on the go.

  • Version: 2.3.1
  • Size: 182KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Score: 4.7/5

Find a less crowded channel for your router with WiFi Analyzer. Before using the app, make sure that you have WiFi enabled on your device. Then, choose from multiple views to see current network performances.

  • Channel Graph: Signal strength graphed vs. WiFi channels
  • Time Graph: Signal strength vs. time
  • Channel Rating: Channel performance capability
  • AP list: Information about in-range access points
  • Signal Meter: Signal strength for currently connected network only

To choose the right channel, you’ll want to set your router to one that isn’t be used by other networks in your same range, since networks in the same range are forced to share bandwidth.

In the options, make sure to check the appropriate scan interval and whether you’d like the app to scan automatically when opened. Also, you can set the app to automatically activate (and deactivate) WiFi when the app is opened (and closed).

Overall, WiFi Analyzer is a handy tool if you’re interested in setting up your router on the best channel. I’m sure this app would also be extremely useful for anyone working in IT or as a network consultant. Definitely another great tool offered for free on Android!

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  1. Where is the download link?

  2. Just wanted to give a TWO THUMBS UP to the developer of this tool. It has saved me a LOT of time, needless to say money, to gather the stats I needed for a client.

    Founder & Sr. Analyst,
    Digital Canada Communications.
    Toronto, Canada.

  3. Hi, I want to read the RSSI of the AP ,how to control the scan time?Can you give me some advice?

  4. If you are a WiFi Professional you will want to look at Wolf WiFi Pro. In addition to all the normal WiFi stuff you expect it also does Site Surveys and has a Heat Map tool. Really good on a phone, awesome on a tablet.

  5. it’s good but it’s doesn’t do a real time analysis. when you’re near the router it give you good signal strength but when you go away also it displays the same unless you want to restart the app in order to get the new readings. Hope you can fix that.

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