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Top Android App: Handcent SMS

Top Android App: Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is a free SMS tool for Android, unleashing full support for SMS & MMS, extensive customization options, and incredible functionality.

Version: 2.9.35
Size: 1.75MB
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Overall Score: 4.9/5

User Interface: 5/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Customizability: 5/5
Originality: 4.5/5
Indispensability: 5/5

Easily the best text messaging app option on Android is Handcent SMS.  I must admit, I have overlooked this app for quite sometime (ever since the native on-screen keyboard was introduced).  Needless to say, what many users have said all along is true, Handcent SMS is a must-have app.

Best features of the app:

  • SMS Popup capabilities
    • Quick text reply
    • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech (you’ll need to install the voice data found in settings > speech synthesis)
    • Call/view contact
    • Trash message
  • Refreshed user interface
    • Contact’s picture shown with the message
  • Endless customization options
    • Language
    • Skin
    • Theme
    • Conversation style
    • Font size
    • Text bubble settings
    • Quick text settings
    • Etc.
  • Batch mode allows easy SMS organization/deletion
  • Blacklist
Overall, Handcent SMS brings a much improved text messaging experience to Android.  If you haven’t tried this app out yet, do so now!

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  1. I really dig HANDCENT SMS and their fonts but it was hogging battery juice on my Sprint Hero. Went back to the native sms, for now…



  2. I’ve been using this app for quite some time and couldn’t go w/o it.
    If it having battery issues & have rooted ur android, get AutoKiller. It will handle lingering apps for u.


  3. My favorite sms app I love it. I give it 5 Androids.

  4. Love this app! The extent to which you can customize is just amazing and blows away my iPhone buddies.

    Unfortunately, this thing is killing my battery and making so I can’t get through a day without plugging in. I’m going to have to go back to stock SMS. I wish there was something I could turn off to make it stop using so much battery. Anybody have suggestions?

  5. Unfortunately, this thing is killing my battery and making so I can’t get through a day without plugging in. I’m going to have to go back to stock SMS. I wish there was something I could turn off to make it stop using so much battery. Anybody have suggestions?

  6. Hmm, I haven’t really noticed a decrease in battery performance after installing this app. Is it possible there is another app you installed that is syncing over short intervals (which takes a lot of battery)?

  7. I will love to have handcent sms

  8. LOVE this app.
    Being able to increase font size of SMSs removes the need for me to wear glasses.
    Fn Brilliant !!

    • @Kavorka Glad to hear the options improve usability!

    • How do you increase the font size on the text message itself. Can’t seem to find that option.

  9. Hi,

    I have noticed two shortcommings in the inbuilt SMS app,

    1] It does not allow m to forward messages
    2] It does not allow me to delete individual messages.

    Does anyone know if this can be done on the orignal messaging system? how?

    • @Raxcee The options you’re looking for are available by long-pressing a specific message. I just tested this in the original messaging system on my Samsung Vibrant which provides the following options: delete message, copy message text, lock message, forward, copy to SIM, and view message details. Hope this helps! :)

  10. @BAAR

    Thanks man, that just made my life a whole lot easier. :)

    Any tother must have apps according to you for a midle aged guy?

  11. I have a couple of more queries, need your help for the same.

    1] In the default SMS app, a sms having a length of more than 1 msg is shown as multiple sms. If one has to forward an sms that runs into many msgs, how can we do that?
    2] When a call come in, how can we mute the call without rejecting it?

    Pls help by responding to these queries.

    • To answer your second question, press the volume button & it will mute the call, but not reject it.

  12. One more thing, where do we find the settings for re calibrating the touchscreen?

  13. haha kinda ironic how the battery in the example photos is running low and everyone complains about battery :P But other than that great app!

  14. I’ve been using that app for quite some time. The GUI is amazing and very customizable.
    The app is kind of heavy on my phone (HTC Evo 4G) and freezes a lot.
    The worst problem with the app is that it sends previous random messages whenever it wants (happened more than once in the middle of the night, 3am, 5am).
    I rally don’t know why it does that, but it’s really embarrassing to get complaints from your friends and co-workers about it.

  15. Check Free SMS (RefineAndroid):
    – worldwide;
    – several providers (a huge number of countries and carriers/operators);
    – with replies (for USA/Canada);
    – it’s free for the SMS recipient. Some providers do charge for receiving SMS if the recipient sends a confirmation SMS;
    – history (removable).

    Providers add minor ad block at the end of SMS messages.

  16. How can you sync or delete the old messaging system. Its annoying getting/checking both.

    • @Megan If you go into the original Messaging app, de-select the notifications option in the settings. This should at least only give you one notification.

  17. Has anybody had a problem with it auto deleting all your messages? Mine does it every few months then I end up having to reinstall because it gets the names displayed and actual recipient all mixed up. Otherwise, I really like it.

  18. i have been using this for sometime now but the ringtones i have set for each contact are not very loud like they used to be any ideal how to fix it?

  19. It will not post my replies to a comment or post from a facebook text message….. Anyone have the same problem??? It says it was delivered but when I go onto facebook it didn’t post………. HELP!!!

  20. Says its full when its empty won’t allow more text in…

  21. I prefer It’s really the best sms app for me.

  22. I realy like the voice to text ability

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