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Top Android App: Sweet Dreams (ADC2 Winner)

Top Android App: Sweet Dreams (ADC2 Winner)

If you’re like me and hate getting woken up at night because you forgot to silence your phone, worry no more!  With the ADC2 Winner, Sweet Dreams, you can set the parameters you’d like to use in order to silence your phone when you don’t need it.

Version: 2.11
Size: 0.90MB
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Overall Score: 4.9/5

User Interface: 5/5
Ease of Use: 4.5/5
Customizability: 5/5
Originality: 5/5
Indispensability: 5/5

“Sweet Dreams is a revolutionary tool that will finally allow you to go to sleep without worrying about changing your phone settings in order to avoid unwelcome late night calls.  Just set your filters (location, movement, or sound) and Sweet Dreams will do the job for you.” – Android Market description

When you open the app, you initially have two options, ‘Enable’ and ‘Settings’.  It’s suggested you hit Menu > Help and read the short overview of how the app works to get a good idea about its features before starting.

Pressing the ‘Settings’ button brings you to the master controls of the app. In the General tab, you can set your phone’s ‘Sleep Mode’ settings.  This lets you decide the ring mode, the screen timeout length, and whether or not the WiFi and Bluetooth connections are disabled when your phone is put to sleep.  Also, in this tab you can set the scheduled times for when ‘Sleep Mode’ should be enabled.  My current ‘Sleep Time’ is 12:30AM and ‘Wake Up Time’ is 7:30AM.

In the Location tab, you can choose a specific area where Sweet Dreams will operate so that if you’re not at home, the app won’t active ‘Sleep Mode’. Your location will be periodically checked while in ‘Sleep Mode’ so that if your location changes, your phone will be set back to default mode.  Note: Sweet Dreams uses wireless networks signals, so you’ll need this activated in Settings > Security & location.

In the Motion tab, you can choose for the app to determine whether or not your phone is being moved.  With this filter activated, your phone will only go into ‘Sleep Mode’ if it is still.  You can also set the threshold of movement that will deactivate ‘Sleep Mode’ so that you’ll be able to check the time at night without waking up your phone.

Similarly to the Motion tab, the Sound tab allows you to set a filter where your phone will only go into ‘Sleep Mode’ if it’s silent around you. Furthermore, you can set the threshold of sound you’d like to use.  This is handy for people that live in noisy environments.

When ‘Sleep Mode’ is activated, you’ll see an icon in your Notification Bar. This allows you easy access to disabling ‘Sleep Mode’ if you happen to wake up early.

One feature that would be nice to see added is an option to disable sync.  This way your phone doesn’t waste battery syncing email, RSS feeds, etc. when you don’t need them.  Also, it’d be nice to set ‘Sleep Time’ and ‘Wake Up Time’ for different days of the week, since most people don’t go to bed and wake up at the same every day of the week.

Overall, Sweet Dreams is a classic Android app that has major staying power.  The user interface is reminiscent of Seesmic (tabs) and very easy to use.  Thankfully, no more disrupting calls or texts when you don’t want them.  Also, don’t worry about forgetting to disable WiFi or Bluetooth before going to sleep.  There’s no doubt why this app won the Android Developer Challenge 2, so check it out for yourself!

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  1. Look good but seeing as most Android users are in the US or Europe where the majority of users speak English, why is the help in Spanish?

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