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Top Android App: Speed Test

Top Android App: Speed Test Speed Test is an Android application that allows you to test the download and upload speeds of your network.  Speed Test uses a nearby server to test your bandwidth and other information.  It is a very simplistic and easy to use application, as it should be.  The interface is nice, so that’s a plus.

Application: Speed Test

Version: 1.6.1
Size: 461KB
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Overall Score: 4.5/5
User Interface: 4.5/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Customizability: 3.5/5
Originality: 4.5/5
Indispensability: 5/5
To begin a test, just open the app and in the Speed Test tab click Begin Test.  It will first test your download speed followed by your upload speed.  The entire test takes about 25 seconds.
The settings tab allows you to change the server location, change the units that speeds are displayed in (Kbps, Mbps, Kb/s), change how your history of tests is sorted (date, down, up).  It also lists your internal IP, external IP, latitude, and longitude.
The results tab will give the download and upload speed history for all your previous tests so you can see how your network is performing at a particular point in time.  Note: you will see fluctuations in speed especially if your phone switches between 3G and E often (like mine).
Overall, testing your network speed is fun and Speed Test is a nice app to have at your disposal.  For T-mobile customers, this app will come in handy soon as they upgrade their 3G network.  It’ll be interesting to see how much the speeds are actually increased.
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